International Help Desk, Roskilde

Winnie Grynnerup, BIOS, assists new international colleagues and guests on the matters listed below. 

  • IC offers in Aarhus
  • Permits to reside and work in Denmark
  • CPR-number (Civil Personal Registration number)
  • Medical care
  • Bank account, Nem-account, Nem-ID
  • Accomodation in the Roskilde area
  • Insurance and pension
  • Union for salaried employees
  • Student job at AU Roskilde and surrounding areas  
  • Getting the family to Denmark, applying for jobs for spouses, social life in Roskilde 
  • Signing up for schools/institutions/daycare for children
  • Public transportation around Roskilde/Copenhagen
  • How to obtain a cheap bike
  • Registration of a car in the public systems
  • Participation in Danish courses
  • The culture in Denmark and at Aarhus University Roskilde

Aarhus University International Centre (IC) can also provide assistance. If, however, there is a need for further help please contact the International Helpdesk in Roskilde, managed by Astrid Christine Vestergaard,, 87158508, ENVS room B2.14.

Shortly upon arrival of the new international colleague, a meeting will be set up with Astrid at the International Helpdesk, where Astrid will inform about the services the Helpdesk offers in addition to the ones listed above. They are: 

  • Installing new international colleagues on various social medias and networks for internationals and between internationals and Danish colleagues.  
  • Informing about courses and information meetings in Roskilde, Copenhagen and Aarhus on issues such as Managing across cultures, Dealing with the Danes, First Aid, Academic writing workshop, General English writing workshop, English brush-up for international employees, Danish courses. 
  • Arranging social events with participation from IC, the Municipality of Roskilde, social international organisations and other relevant persons who can give presentations on issues that are of interest to international colleagues and guests.