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Interne gæsteforelæsninger

Nedenfor finder du beskrivelser af en række besøgsforedrag, som medarbejdere fra instituttet tilbyder at holde i en anden sektion eller på et andet tjenestested. Ønsker du som medarbejder at få et foredrag på listen, skal du blot sende et foto og et abstract samt oplysninger om estimeret tidsforbrug og sprog til Else Vihlborg Staalsen.

Interaktioner med plantebestøvere i et landbrugslandskab



Insect pollination, the interaction between flower-visiting insects and flowers, is important for reproduction of many wild plants and crops. Wild insects deliver an ecologically and economically important pollination service. However, in intensively farmed areas (e.g. Denmark), plant-pollinator interactions are highly influenced by humans.

This talk is about pollination interactions in an agricultural landscape, and how farmland management can positively or negatively affect abundance and diversity of flower-visiting insects and insect-pollinated flowers. Specifically, I will present ongoing projects concerning the effects of cutting regime, the combined effects of herbicides and nitrogen fertilizers on availability of floral ressources, and sub-lethal effects of insecticides on pollinators.

Time 30 - max. 45 minutes
Language English slides, but the lecture can of cause be made in Danish
Contact Yoko Dupont

Heathland management challenges / Forsuringshypotese vedrørende heder



Danish nature is losing species. This is also true for Danish heathland. A common cure is flogging in the form of cutting, burning and turf stripping. Nature need beating is a headline we meet that represents this view. However, even well managed heathlands are becoming increasingly species poor. Possibly decisions on management measures are deprived of knowledge on ecosystem functioning and therefore mere treatments of symptoms, rather than knowledge based adjustments of ecosystem functioning.


30 minutes

Language English or Danish
Contact Knud Erik Nielsen og Morten Tune Strandberg 

Myrer som biologisk bekæmpelsesmiddel



Humans have always been fascinated by ants. The fascination may be due to ants and humans are similar in many respects and has reached many of the same evolutionary "breakthrough". Examples include the organization of social communities with cooperation of labour and agriculture.

Ant characteristics are not only exciting but also means that we can exploit the ants. Come and hear how they have become a powerful weapon in the fight against some pests.

Time 45 min. - max 1 hour
Language Danish
Contact Joachim Offenberg

havmiljøets status



Every year the status of the Danish marine environment is described based on monitoring data from the last year and back to 1989, the start of the national monitoring program.

Key results will be presented and discussed in perspective of climatic factors and the action taken to reduce the pressure on the marine environment.

Time 45-60 minutes
Language Danish and English
Contact Jens Würgler Hansen
99958 / i31