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Staff offers


Staff Accociations

  • AC-TAP-klubben: Arbejdspladsklub for akademikere og korrespondenter i TAP-stillinger ved AU, der er ansat under AC-overenskomsten og er medlemmer af forbund under Akademikernes Centralorganisation (AC-forbund).
  • International Club: A social and cultural meeting place for foreign employees and their spouses, guest employees and guests from abroad.

Sport and Exercise

  • DHL-Stafet: AU participates every year in Aarhus, Odense og København.
  • Motionscenter: Weight training and team activities in Aarhus.

New Knowledge

Refuge and Research Retreat

Leisure time and holidays

  • Feriefonden: Letting of holiday homes in Denmark and abroad.
  • CAMPUS koret: Classical and modern songs. The choir practices in Aarhus.
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