Deadlines for financial reporting (ØR3) 2017 and budgetting for 2018-2021 for project leaders

In connection to the second budget forecast (ØR3) for this year, project leaders should give notice to their project economist regarding the below latest on the 18. Of August 2017 :

2017.06.26 | Camilla Nissen Toftdal

  • Budget changes for already running projects, both on hours and other costs for            this year and the ongoing years.
  • Budgets for all new and expected new projects in 2017 and the ongoing years.
  • Updates in ReAp for applications, that aren’t in the system, and recent updates/status for applications already in the system.

This means that Section leaders and Project leaders have the period from now on and until the 18. Of August 2017, to have meetings and align the expectations in regards to adjustment of the hours (the AP) and the expected other costs.

The Project economist will book meetings with project leaders, where there is a need to meet up regarding the above.

… As a Project leader/Section leader, you can see the financial progress for all of your projects in the AURAP report portal. You can use the report R-00020 to see budget and costs so far in 2017 for each project, and the report R-00021/R-00022 for budgets on projects in the following years. The report portal can be entered through following link:

if you need help with drawing out the reports, you are welcome to contact your project economist who can be of assistance with this.

ENVS, DCE & BIOS RKS: On the O-drive, you will find project budgets for most of your projects, these cover the budgets for each year for the entire project period – on this drive you can also find contracts, financial reports and other relevant material for each project.

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