The Secretariat is out of office on 28 November

Tomorrow, Tuesday 28 November, all the secretariat staff members will meet for a secretariat day. This means that we are out of office all day and will be back on Wednesday.

2017.11.27 | Camilla Nissen Toftdal

What can I do to welcome new employees and guests from abroad? How do I understand them and their culture? And what are Danish culture and Danish values really? These are some of the issues that the secretariat will work with during this year's secretariat day, where cultural understanding and cultural training are the main themes. Inge Aagaard, employed at AU Research and External Relations and has extensive experience within the area, will facilitate a workshop. We hope to go home with knowledge and tools that can be used in our many relations with international employees and guests.

This year's secretariat day is for all secretariat employees from Roskilde, Kalø, Silkeborg and Aarhus. The meeting takes place at Vejlsøhus in Silkeborg and also includes a lecture by Stine Slotsbo.


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