Remaining holidays must be taken before 1 May

2017.01.19 | Camilla Nissen Toftdal

The University Management has decided that all employees at AU shall take their holidays and that holidays are not paid out to employees unless in special cases, e.g. holiday obstacles such as illness, maternity, paternity leave.

Please check your holiday balance as soon as possible and plan any unused holidays and make sure to register the days (continuously) in ProMark (BIOS RKS) and in AUHRA (BIOS AAR) by informing the administrative person responsible for registering holidays.

We will only in exceptional situations make an agreement on disbursement of special holidays. Holidays give us the opportunity for the relaxation that we all need. Welfare and job satisfaction is important, and, furthermore, we obtain significant savings compared to previous years by avoiding disbursement of accrued and unused holidays. As is the case now, 5 ordinary holidays and 5 special holidays may be transferred to the next holiday year. This may be a good solution, but it should not become a "bulge" that is just pushed ahead. If you want to transfer some of the remaining ordinary holidays and special holidays, please fill in the "Request for transfer of remaining holidays and special holidays for the new holiday year", which can be found here.

If you want to transfer holidays, please inform your immediate superior about when the holidays are planned for. The agreement on transfer of holidays must be concluded before expiry of the holiday year 30 April, and signed by the employee and the immediate superior and handed over to the person who registers holidays and absence at the workplace.

For your information, the general rules on holidays are available here.

                                                                                        On behalf of Hans and Peter / Camilla

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