Holiday registration for the holiday year 2017/2018

All employees must take holiday and register it continuously. Holidays will only be reimbursed due to holiday obstacles..

2017.05.31 | Camilla Nissen Toftdal

A new so-called holiday year started on 1 May. Like previous years, please remember to inform your personnel administrator about your holiday plans (BIOS AAR) or to register your holidays in “ProMark” (BIOS RKS).

Remember to take holidays

The University Management has encouraged all employees to take their ordinary and special holidays within the holiday year. Holidays give us the opportunity we all need to relax, and furthermore, the Department obtains significant savings compared to previous years by avoiding disbursement of accrued and unused holidays.

Holidays are only reimbursed in special cases, e.g. holiday obstacles such as illness, maternity and paternity leave, or termination of employment.

Remember to register your holiday

Your personnel administrator follows up on your holidays after the summer, Christmas, winter and Easter breaks. By taking and registering your holiday, you reduce this follow-up, and the Department saves time for administration and management.

For your information, the general holiday rules are available here.

/ Camilla

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