This Year's Management Meeting

Strategic initiatives, business cooperation and research funding subject to competition were some of the topics when the Department's Management and Committee Chairpersons went to Middelfart on 26 October and spent the day and evening together.

2017.11.03 | Else Vihlborg Staalsen

[Translate to English:] ”Marinere” drøfter muligheder for samarbejde med virksomheder inden for deres egne sektioner (fra venstre: Henrik Fossing, Peter Aastrup, Annette Bruhn og Karsten Dahl). Opsamling fra dagens arbejde sker i første omgang på tjenestestederne.

Billedtekst: Tobias Wang i dialog med Bettina Dencker Hansen, som besøgte mødet sammen med Anne Sofie Dahlmann Breindahl, begge fra AU’s enhed for Erhvervssamarbejde og Teknologioverførsel.

Annette Bruhn jump-started the day's first topic on cooperation with companies. She shared her experiences on everything from small "knowledge coupons" projects to major business projects in the million-class. Being in deep water when it comes to business cooperation is to be understood literally in one of Annette's major projects where the topic is pre-treatment and fermentation of seaweed, and where researchers now want to test open-water cultivation technologies together with foreign production companies on the team.

Investment with Return

One must invest time when creating cross-sectoral networks; this was a clear message from the day's first speaker. However, Annette's lively presentation also demonstrated that business cooperation provides a return for the researcher, both in terms of motivation, projects, publications and visibility.

The purpose of addressing business cooperation at the Management meeting was to create curiosity and explore opportunities within an area where we as a university have great ambitions.

New Conditions for Public-Sector Consultancy

Another topic at the Management meeting was the new conditions of the Department's consultancy activities, which were made subject to competition this summer. Aksel Bo Madsen shared experiences from the first two procurements on game management and wolf surveillance; the Management team and committee chairpersons worked in groups on a future scenario, namely the procurement of consultancy within the area of nature and water.

More Successful Fund Applications through Internal Peer-Review

The Department is about to improve the quality assurance of fund applications, namely through feedback from colleagues. The purpose is to submit higher quality fund applications. This was the message when Hans Brix opened the last topic on internal peer-review on fund applications. The Management and committee chairpersons discussed how quality assurance should take place, and a working group was set up that will elaborate on a recommendation for decision in the daily Management team.

Further Information

The above is just a selection of topics from the Management meeting.

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