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Work Environment Committee

Overview of LAMU

AMO, Kalø
AMO, Roskilde
AMO, Silkeborg
AMO, Aarhus

Some guidelines/links are only available in Danish. If you have an issue to be solved, please contact one of the members of the local EHS organisation (AMO). They will be able to guide you.

Guidelines in English

Safety in general
Liability Supervisor liability
Working alone Guide for working alone
Working with EHS How we are working with EHS in AU
Some texts only available in Danish
Injuries and Insurance Guide for occupational injuries and insurance issues
Pregnancy Policy for working when pregnant
Candles Take care if you have candles
About smoking AU Smoking Policy
Carcinogens Follow the guidelines made by Team Arbejdsmiljø (Danish link)
Nanoparticles Danish link
Peroxide Guide how to use peroxides
Transport Transporting and sending chemicals
Handling of chemicals Guide for external use: For Aurora   For Rønbjerg
Field work Working in the field - general guide - to follow the specific guides for the tropics and the Arctic!
Work in Africa Guide for working in the tropics
Work in Greenland Safety instructions for Fieldwork in the Arctic
Work on ships Guide for working at sea (DK) and on ships
Work with drones Safety issues and who to contact
Drones and certificates Operation manual (Driftshåndbog is in Danish)
Work on boats Guide working at sea and in fjords by boat - revision is coming up (Nov. 2017)
Work on small boats Guide for working on lakes in small boats
Especially for the single site
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